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Residential to Commercial Scale
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Virus & Malware

Think you might be vulnerable to security threats, or that you have already been affected? We offer comprehensive options for you to protect your computers or mobile devices. We offer one-time cleans or software options that will provide you regular protection.

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Device Optimization

Device running slowly? Is something not as it should be? We’ll have an answer for you. From general tune-ups to advanced performance optimizations, we can get your computer running better and faster. Additionally, we have a careful ear for your needs, and will do our best to ensure we leave you satisfied with how your computer operates.

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Consultation & Training

Our patient and inclusive teaching methods are all aimed at helping you to understand completely, what it is you need to accomplish. We can make personalized instruction guides, help through remote access, or do in person training. Business or personal, we are here to help. Try us with your questions!



Oftentimes, networks of any kind are in need of one sort of optimization or another. From printers to televisions, these days, everything seems to be on a network. This is why we are here, to ensure your devices remain connected. What does your network need?


Your data is important. It’s important to protect your work and memories from the hundreds of potential disasters that can befall your device. We can set up any number of fail-safes from the simple to the invulnerable.

Smart Home

Connect your home. Turn lights on and off, make coffee, start the air conditioning, and more all simply by voice command. Lock your door with your phone, even remotely. Unlock your door for visitors without needing to hand them a key or even be in the home. Let us know how we can make your home a smart home today.


If you are past prevention of data loss, don’t worry; we will do our best to recover your data for you. Perhaps your battery keeps dying and needs replacement? We’ll install it. Is it not starting? We’ll diagnose it. Let us take a stab at your broken machine and we’ll see what we can do.


Want to escalate your home entertainment experience? We’ll help you take it to new heights. Perhaps you need new hardware installed, perhaps your existing system just needs some adjustments? Get your system tuned properly, and take it where you want it to go.


We want everyone to prosper through each interaction.

We believe in supporting our community's residents and businesses by offering exceptional service, and discounts to those who need them. Start to finish, we take great care of your device and data. Speed and efficiency are always emphasized so that we make the most of your time. We handle your devices, data privacy, and time with respect and integrity. Technology is an amazing tool that can bring unending solutions to many facets of our lives, be it personal development, work, or even ease in our personal lives. The most important skill we utilize in our practice is to listen to the entirety of clients desires to help them achieve their goals.

Your Team

We are not a team because we work together. We are a team because we respect, trust, and care for each other.

Gray T. Stockton

Owner & Technician
Gray is a tech expert who has had a passion for computers since he was ten years old. He built his first website at thirteen for his family business and built his first company at fifteen. He is now dedicated to building a tech company with integrity and building a strong community as it’s focus.

Forrest W. Williams

Owner & Technician
In his own time is involved with his family and community, and strives to help innovate educational and assistive technologies for the world. He is passionate about holistic health; environmental, positive, and performance psychology. Uses all of these studies in combination with technology to benefit his clients personal and professional lives.